Friday, November 20, 2009

Simpler Living Column -- A year in review

"A year ago this month, I wrote my first Simpler Living column. In it, I described how we'd moved from a semi in suburbia to a 71-acre farm in a small village in eastern Ontario.

Our dream was to slow down and get away from the hectic pace of life we found ourselves in. Truth be told, during that first year, we only managed to exchange one kind of hectic for another...."

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Want more? Here's a complete list of earlier installments of "Simpler Living" written for Bankrate Canada:

October 2009: Preserving the harvest for year-round enjoyment
September 2009: Foraging for wild edibles in your own backyard
August 2009: Gardening is a labour of love whose rewards is a harvest of vegetables and knowledge
July 2009: Save money and get healthy by cooking more vegetarian meals
June 2009: Raising kids on the lean and green
May 2009: Reducing the amount of garbage you produce is good for the pocketbook and the planet
April 2009: When life gives you leftovers, make compost
March 2009: The appeal of raising backyard chickens is growing across cities in Canada
February 2009: The perils of seed catalogues
January 2009: Once you learn to make do with less, it's hard to remember why you needed more
December 2008: Preparing for our first winter, homesteading-style.
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