Monday, March 31, 2014

Madcap Monday: Twins!

I've been writing a lot lately, just not in this space, but I should be more proactive [read: responsible] about posting updates, especially after the last few (dark, bleak) ones. I was reminded yesterday that friends and family come here to check in on me. Thank you for that.

I'm doing better. Stronger. Sitting up front, hands in the air, riding the rollercoaster of this crazy, messy, often ridiculous life. Trying to accept the downs as much as I'm loving the ups.

Still here.

So, in the spirit of spring and new beginnings and rebirth (or I guess just birth), here are a some photos from Mama's first set of twins: two little dudes born on Feb 28th, five days before I left for Nova Scotia for 2-1/2 weeks of writing, reflection, healing.

Ridiculously cute, I know. Stay tuned for updates.

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