Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hot off the (virtual) presses!

While I may be new to blogging, I'm not new to writing as I've been freelancing for the last seven years. One of the publications I regularly write for is Bankrate Canada, where I have a really great editor who gives me lots of leeway to write about topics that might not otherwise be found in a business-oriented publication.

Some of my green writing credits include: Getting your lawn off drugs (an article on organic lawn care), How's the air in there? (all about indoor air quality assessments), The trouble with tech trash (aka the trouble with e-waste) and Green cleaning made easy.

(Mind you, I've also written some neat articles on non-eco subjects like, How not to buy a former meth lab and What to do when things go bump in the night (in case you're worried your house might be haunted.))

I've written more than sixty Bankrate articles over the years but the one published today is the one I hold closest to my heart: It's my first of a new monthly column on Simpler Living.

Here's the intro:
"I'm not sure when I truly appreciated the significance of our move to the country. It could have been when the moving truck drove away and we found ourselves alone, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by acres of woodland, hay fields and a trillion crickets. Or perhaps it was when we harvested our first egg from our new brood of hens. Then again, maybe it was the arrival of the donkeys. Yep, it must have been the donkeys..."

To read more, follow this link here.

It may not be Shakespeare but it's our story. It tells a bit about how we found our farm and why we're here.

When my kids get older, I'll show them this article and others like it, as well as the stories and pictures I post to this blog. Writing helps me remember where we came from and where we're going. It even helps me make sense of it all, especially on the days I feel in over my head. I just hope that reading these stories will one day do the same for them.

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