Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simpler Living column, part two

The second installment of my Simpler Living column for Bankrate Canada went live this morning. It's about us getting ready for winter, homesteading-style.

Here's the intro:

"This is the first year that the sight of snowflakes made me nervous. While I've never been a "Yay, it's winter, bring on the cold!" kinda girl, I've got bigger worries than my usual end-of-the-season case of winter blues.

You see, this is our first winter on Rowangarth Farm, our modern-day homestead in eastern Ontario. And we're really not sure what to expect.

When my family and I moved here in July, in the midst of black fly season and heat waves, the thought of power outages and 6-foot snow drifts was far from our minds.

But we knew that long, hard winters were part of country life. When we had our house inspection, we discovered not one but two electrical panels in our kitchen: one for the main power and the second for the generator. Living 10 minutes north of a small town, essentially in the middle of nowhere, means that when a tree brings down a power line, we're on our own..."

To read more, follow this link here.

You can read my blog posting about the previous installment of Simpler Living here or read the actual article here.

One thing that I wasn't able to include in the article was photos, so I'll post some in the next day or two, to bring some of our farm's particulars to life.

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