Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First of the season

Fresh in-season berries don't last long at my house.

As we put in some strawberry plants only this year (and my daughter picked them clean of ripe fruit before they even went into the ground) we've been buying pints direct from local farmers.

But we do have a mature raspberry bush -- albeit a small one -- behind our house and I've been keeping an eye on it from my kitchen window. Just this morning I discovered the first of several lovely black berries.

My daughter actually squealed when I gave her the first berry of the season. My son led the chase to the bush and then they both started circling around it trying to spot the ripe ones before popping them into their mouth like candy.

We only harvested a handful but they're already looking forward to tomorrow's next mini-pick.

We might not collect much at one time but at least this seems like a delicious way to learn the true meaning -- and value -- of eating local and in season.

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