Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Let 'em get dirty" contest

After a crappy start to the day, I decided to grab a cup of tea and catch up on my blog reading before heading out for some garden therapy.

Thanks to Erin of "Garden now, think later" -- an awesome blog by a urban homesteading mother/military wife AND Aussie owner in Virgina -- I've found a great project for me and the kids this summer: the kinderGARDENS "Let 'em get dirty" contest, put on by The inadvertent farmer (this looks like another awesome blog, by the way!)

Here are the contest details: "We will be looking for the best and most creative ideas for child friendly gardens. It can be incorporating a sunflower house in your own garden or it can be a garden designed and planted exlusively for children with a playhouse and everything!"

(Click here for more details and to sign on. You can also click on on the kinderGARDENS button the side... now that it's working!)

The idea is to get kids excited about growing real food. It's about hands-on gardens with real kids in them.

I love this idea. I mean, I really, really love it. I find I spend too much time preaching to my kids about why it's important to do get out in the garden -- don't you know that Growing Our Own Food is serious business?! Oh, please.

This sounds like a great way to put the fun back into gardening -- for all of us.


Erin said...

I love her filthy hands - that is one happy little girl. I bet her feet are just a dirty - at least I know my daughters feet would be! said...

Yes, she is happiest when she's dirty!!!

Erin said...

That pic is priceless! She and those dirty garden hands would definitely win any beauty contest, so cute!

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