Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 simple things

Sara at Farmama inspired me to share a list of 10 simple things that made me happy this week.

While there were so many things that made me happy (what a great lesson in gratitude) these were this week's "top" 10:

1.) Ella skipping. Or more specifically, Ella skipping in her mismatched pyjamas and flip-flops.

2.) Hanging clothes on the line.

3.) Fresh baked yummy goodness.

4.) New blooms

5.) This super quick and easy sewing project.

6.) Collecting eggs from our own hens.

7.) Baseball and home runs!

8.) The joy and wonder of learning to growing our own food.

9.) My eldest child reading stories to my youngest.

10.) Barefoot gardening with kids who like to get dirty.

Oh, and one more... family movie night.

Speaking of family, I can't forget our Henry.

So much for 10 simple things! What made you happy this week?


Erin said...

I love it when Loch reads to Finn! It's so cute and it gives me a break too! Love, love the movie night - are those 3-D glasses? LOL! And Henry... I would say Henry even makes ME happy every week, and he's not mine! One of my favorite parts of the day is when the kids go to bed and I watch tv or pick up my knitting and hang out with my dogs. Marley is my "yarn keeper", if it's wool, she keeps the ball of yarn between her paws while I knit. Although if I am knitting with a synthetic, she seems to know and turn her nose up at it LOL, most recently she has been seen sneaking a ball of alpaca into her bed... said...

Yep, those are 3D glasses! Lucas brought "Journey to the centre of the earth" home from the library. It was pretty funny watching them watching the movie!!!
That is SO CUTE that Marley is your yarn keeper!!! I have to knit in isolation because the cats end up playing with it or Henry ends up sitting in it. At least Marley has a nose for good fibre :)

Erin said...

poor Marley with no sheep to herd... we call her yarn "urban sheep"!

David said...

Fiona, I'd say my best things for the week was to read to my Grandson, do community work for those that need help, and work in the garden (when it's not raining), and oh yeah, blogging.

I love the picture of the family watching the 3D movie. I don't think our library has any 3D movies here. At least I haven't found any. You must have a quite progressive library system there.

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