Monday, January 31, 2011


It took knitting into the wee hours of the morning (Ok, it was midnight... but that's really late for me. I'm a 'need my sleep' kinda girl!) but I got Jack's hat done. Phew!

I'm doubly pleased because I recently found this knitting challenge issued by Bridget Allin, owner of Needles in the Hay, a new yarn shop in Peterborough, Ont. I haven't been to her store yet, but I've been oogling it from afar.

So what's the challenge? A year in colour. In her own words: "To knit at least one item in a designated colour for each month of 2011. It can be any project, any size; the point is to broaden my colour horizons, so to speak, and encourage myself to embrace colours I normally wouldn’t choose."

Here's the colour palette and look, January's colour is red!

To be
honest, I suck at challenges. I start and usually flake out pretty soon thereafter (anyone remember KinderGARDENS? Me neither.) Life gets busy, I get frazzled and I let goals like this quietly fall to the wayside.

So what's different this time? Maybe nothing. Like most humans, I am a creature of habit, good and bad. I just know that I want to fit more knitting into my life and give myself some quiet space to be creative while making beautiful things for me and my family. I have a lot of projects that I'd like to try, and I thought this could be a fun way to keep me motivated. Or not. I've vowed to be kind to myself if this intention falls apart, but I love the idea of finishing the year with at least 12 completed projects in a rainbow of colours -- even if I make 12 dishcloths! I'll keep you posted.

So on to February: orange. Socks maybe?

P.S. Speaking of socks: If you're looking for some knitting inspiration, check out Bridget's challenge from last year -- Summer of Socks challenge 2010. She knit 14 pairs of socks using different patterns. And we're not talking simple tube socks... these are really fancy dancy socks!


Mama Pea said...

Congrats on the hat finish! The knitting challenge sounds like fun. Orange is my favorite color so I would be good to go for February . . . I'm knitting an orange scarf right now! True, it wouldn't be good to make the challenge a stressful thing, but it never hurts to have a little motivation, eh?

David said...

Congrats on a job well done. I totally understand about the enthuisiam of starting a new project and tiring of it about half way through. I am the king of project starting but not so much the king project finishing. I am trying to get better and my word for this year is finisher. Oh, boy, I have a lot of finishing to do.

Have a great orange February.

Erin said...

The hat looks fantastic! Fits perfectly. My mom gave me some purple hand spun alpaca and I know what you mean about color - not sure what to do with purple! Almost everything I do is natural colors :) I can't figure out that comment thing at all, I miss seeing your avatar LOL!

farmgirlwannabe said...

Wonderful socks and knitting - its been a very very long time since I last sent you a comment - farmgirlwannabe from Ottawa - have you come across kilt tartan socks at all? Have any of your regular commentators by any know of or come across tips for knitting tartan kilt socks?


Sandy said...

It looks awesome! Great job.

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