Sunday, February 13, 2011


I got over my case of finishupitis and completed this quick-knit mitten project. Just don't ask me how late I stayed up to do it.

Next up on the needles: I've got an uber quick idea for the Year in Colour challenge and I've got the perfect yarn to to make some socks for Jack's birthday, which is, incidentally, in eight days. Have I mentioned I tend to leave things to the last minute?

P.S. Remember to check in tomorrow for my first giveaway!


Mama Pea said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Are the mittens for you?

Hmmm . . . a pair of socks in eight days and your "orange" project in two weeks. Your needles are gonna be smokin', Girl! Knit on!!! said...

Thanks, Mama Pea! They're too big for the kids, too small for Lucas... so I guess they're for me. :)

Yes, I'm wondering about the socks -- at least I can give them to him as a 'you'll-get-these-as-soon-as-I'm-done' kinda present! And the "orange" project will only take about two hours to knit up. As I said, it's very, very simple!

Erin said...

They are great! My poor son, every time I knit him socks, they fit ME... he keeps asking me when I will "remember" to make them his size :) said...

Thanks, Erin! I've come to appreciate that sizing what you're knitting is as important as the knitting itself! And I'm not talking about gauge or anything -- just knowing how to adjust the pattern as you go. All in good time... :)

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