Friday, October 10, 2008

Living the good life, our way

Today was one of those crazy gorgeous fall days, you know the ones when the trees blaze with the most fiery colours of red, orange and yellow? It's also the kind of day that makes it almost impossible to work inside.

Henry (our Australian Shepherd and farm dog par excellence) and I managed to sneak away for a short walk on one of our woodland trails to savour the humusy smell of autumn. But on our way back to the house, I had to turn my eyes from the overgrown vegetable garden and clench my itchy green fingers. I needed to get back to my keyboard. You see, I've got some sharing to do.

Since we left our little lot in suburbia three months ago for our 71-acre farm in small-town Ontario, many friends have been asking us what we've been up. We reply, "We've been busy!" but that doesn't do our experience justice. That's where this blog comes in.

Be sure to check in a few times a week to read about our efforts to live a simpler, more sustainable life on our little piece of rural happiness. Welcome to Rowangarth Farm!


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Welcome, and congratulations! Lucas has told me about the farm, and now I get to see pictures... Look forward to meeting you and the family. Who am I? I'm Mungo! Of New Hampshire fame... :-)

You've done a great job with the blog, but of course also with the web site itself.



The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I've followed the link here from Decado's bushcraft blog.
Good luck in your new home and with your blog - I'm adding you to my off grid section

Fiona said...

Thanks, Mungo! I've heard loads about you (all good) and it's great to finally "meet" you -- alebit virtually!

Thanks also to you, SBW, for the add. I appreciate it!

I'll be posting more regularly now that we're settled in so, stay tuned!

cheers, Fiona

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