Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging at GRIT

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm now blogging at Once a week, I'll be writing about our latest adventures here on the farm.

I'm really excited about it and I'm actually pretty humbled too -- that someone there thinks we've got a story worth sharing.

(I hope I haven't come off like a braggart or anything as I'm quite new at this self-promotion thing. I'm generally terrible at publicizing my work even though it's not a very useful quality when you freelance for a living.)

If you haven't discovered GRIT already, I highly recommend it -- online or in print. You'll find tons of amazing stuff on everything related to rural living and simply celebrating country life.

And as you can see by the above screen shot, the folks there obviously have impeccable taste on what it takes to be a great "cover model."

Yep, that's our Henry!


Chicken Mama said...

I'm envious! I want to blog somewhere where people will actually read it! ;)


Fiona said...

You should email the editor there.. seriously! You've got a unique story and a fabulous writing style... I think you'd make a great contribution!

Mama Pea said...

Congrats to you, Fiona! Another feather in your farm hat and so well deserved. I was just telling my husband about you and he said he knows of your husband through both of their associations with Mors Kochanski! Who knew?? The ties that bind us all together!

Fiona said...

Thanks, Mama Pea! That's amazing about your husband, my husband and Mors (that doesn't read quite right, does it.. you know what I mean!) It's a small, small world, isn't it? :)
BTW: Lucas (my husband) has his bushcraft blog at:

Leo said...

Heya, just to let you know, the GRIT banner link on the right bar isn't linking properly. It's trying to link to http://http//
Congrats on the 'promotion' ^_-

Fiona said...

Thanks, Leo for the kind words and for the heads-up about the broken link. Late nights, technology and me do not mix! I'll get my in-house tech guy to fix it. Cheers!

farmgirlwanabe said...

Way to go Fiona - congrats - will add GRIT to my list of favorites and will pass on your husband's blog to my husband

take care

Fiona said...

Thanks, farmgirl :)

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