Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random moments of happiness #5

Nap time on the farm. That blue lump on the right side is Gallagher (and this was the first time in three months that I've seen him sleeping in the snow. Rolling around, yes, sleeping, no.)

Click photo to enlarge

As I watched them soaking up the sun's rays and dreaming about whatever equines dream about (I'm sure for Cinder, it was something to do with food) it was like the world stopped spinning, just for a few minutes. It was a moment of calm, quiet and simply savouring that peaceful, easy feeling.


Mama Pea said...

Stop it! Stop it, right now! You're making we want to see four legged animals on our homestead again. We had four horses and a donkey at one point and my husband frequently says how much he misses seeing the big ol' things just standing out in the field. They sure add life and mood to the place, don't they?

Fiona said...

You are hilarious!
Yes, they do add life and mood to the place... but also a LOT of POOP! You can't forget the poop! :)Four horses & a long ears... wow. Got any photos??

Mama Pea said...

It's not POOP. Look at it as organically grown veggies on the table a couple of years down the road. (Don't share that with the kids.)

We have photos but they were taken years prior to 'digital' so I'd have to get dear daughter to scan them (I haven't yet - and may never - been able to master that) into the computer before sharing.

Fiona said...

You are absolutely right... I'm so looking forward to the time when I can lovingly apply well-composted manure onto my garden, knowing that the nutrient cycle has come full circle. But in the meantime, it's POOP and there is a LOT of it :)

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