Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forest walks and spring magic

We're not church-going folk, so Easter weekend is more of a secular holiday around here -- but it's a celebration just the same. For us, Easter is about honouring the earth's rebirth and all the green goodness that spring brings. (I just hope the green goodness stays, because if I see one more snowflake, I think I'm going to snap!)

While Ella was sick with a high fever for the first two days of a four-day long weekend, by Sunday morning she had her sparkle back. The kids and I had a serious case of cabin fever and felt in need of an adventure, so we went for a walk in the woods.

I spend a lot of time in the woods; I feel like I can breathe more deeply there. The forest grounds me, soothes my spirit -- it always has. When I was a child, I'd spend hours exploring the ravine behind my house and lose myself in make believe and pretend play. As I grew older, the forest became a place of solace; somewhere I could be alone, work stuff out and just be.

As a grownup, while I may be in the woods, I'm not always present or paying attention to what's around me -- I'm lost in thought about life, the universe and everything.

But children truly exist in the moment and their minds are free to see the wonders of Nature through such playful eyes. And as we walked, the kids shared with me all their magical discoveries.

Did I see:

: old tree roots or a hand with gnarled fingers? Or maybe a seaweed covered octopus...

: balancing on a fallen log or a crossing a treacherous drawbridge?

: a simple rock face or the walls of a great castle?

: a big mushroom or a stage for the forest fairies?

: an old saw or buried treasure?

: a dead stump or a magical ladder that transforms a "little 'un" into "big 'un"

: a little boy or monkey boy?

: tree bark or a mighty pirate ship?

: stinky wet dog or a swamp monster?

Every grownup can use a bit more magic in their life, don't you think?


Mama Pea said...

Amen. Please send magic. ;o}

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Thank you for reminding me of the magic in my world that exists just outside me door. While out on our property the other day, (Easter Sunday as a matter of fact, like you, we use religious holidays as a time of spiritual renewal, soul-cleansing and family time), I stumbled upon the fairy circle out under our magical maple tree that my youngest daughter and her friend made of sand dollars we'd found at a local beach. It's been there for a couple years now and not a one was out of place. Maybe the fairies and elves are watching over it!

mtnchild said...

Oh Fiona ... I've finally hit a spot in my life where I can see drawbridges, castles and octopi about half the time. I'm waiting for 100%, but fear my family and friends might commit me ... LOL.

Great post; I love the forest too.

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

I loved this post! Holy Mushroom!!!

I tend to write in my journal about the everyday magick.

And......I totally "blog awarded" you today in my blog :)


Erin said...

A great reminder to enjoy! Great photos, and I definitely see the potential swamp monster in Henry-boy! :)

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