Saturday, March 10, 2012

The view from here


David said...

Fiona, how long does it take to boil down sap into syrup. Seems to me it would take forever to get from 40 litres down to one.

I see you still have some lingering snow there. We haven't had much snow this winter. Two years ago the snow was over our head. This year not even enough to get out the snow blower.

Good luck with your maple syruping. Have a great day.

Mama Pea said...

Looks like maple syrup in the works to me!

Fiona said...

@ David -- I'll be writing a post about the process from start to finish, but yes, it takes quite a while to boil 40 litres down to one. We're doing it over an open fire, which isn't as efficient as say, an evaporator, but it got the job done -- stay tuned! And yes, we got another 2" of snow on Friday, but then it was 14 degrees Celsius today. We've only had to plow the driveway a handful of times compared to previous years. Weird, weird weather.

@ Mama Pea -- yep, you're right! And it's been so fun doing it! Well, not so much sitting in a blizzard while feeding the fire... :)

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