Monday, March 11, 2013

Giveaway winner!

Cinnamon gurl, you are the winner of the Country Women book! (Based on the number of comments I received, I guess I didn't do a great job sharing how wonderful this book is... oh well!)

Please email me at fiona [at] rowangarthfarm [dot] ca with your mailing address. Thanks!


Annie*s Granny said...

Well darn! I read the blog, but I think I won your last contest (lovely cherry tomato seeds and equally lovely book mark). I didn't want to seem piggish by entering another giveaway!

I want you to know I have saved the seeds from two excellent varieties of those tomatoes, and this will be my third season. One favorite, and it took some real sleuthing to find the name, is Una Hartsock. It's such a lovely little tomato (on a big vine), I'll be growing it year after year, and it will always make me think of you.

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

Thanks for sharing this, Granny! And I'm thrilled that you had such wonderful success with those varieties. And your kind words brought a smile to my face on this otherwise grey morning. Thank you.

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