Monday, May 31, 2010

Madcap Monday - A prickly encounter

Hmmm.. what are those lumps in the hayfield?

Groundhogs maybe?

Not groundhogs.

Uh oh, that one looks mad. I'm outta here.

Where's Henry? Keeping a safe distance, I see.

"You go check out the lumps. I'll stay right here, thank you very much."

Guess he learned from his last encounter with a prickly pig.

P.S. This is my 100th post! Yay me :)


Erin said...

ow ow OW! Poor Henry! No wonder he is in no hurry to go and police the lumps! Congrats on your 100th post!

Anonymous said...

Fiona, I just got caught up with your blogs for last week. I could so identify with the one on gardening. I can get so caught up in a project no matter if it’s gardening or something else that I even forget to eat, drink, or stop to smell the roses. I’m getting better but it still can rear up at times. Now that my youngest daughter and her five year old son are living here I get dragged back to reality quite often. It has been a good thing to rediscover the fun that kids have just being new to the world and don’t really have any cares. I’ve learned that goals are detriment to me. First I don’t have any fun or enjoyment trying to accomplish the task in a given time, second it becomes more about the accomplishment rather than the journey, and last it just seems like more of chore instead of a relaxing thing to do. So I go by the rule if 20 years pass, how important will this accomplishment be and will anyone really remember. You have a classic example with the garden that someone obviously spent time grooming at one time, but fell to neglect after they are gone. The moment is now and one it’s gone we can never recapture it to enjoy again. All we can do is make good memories to enjoy in our old age. You do seem to be able to step back and enjoy your time with you children and animals. Animals come and go faster than children do. I learned not just to survive but enjoy each moment as much as possible. Lord knows I’ve wasted many times that could have been a great memory.

Old Nebraska Dave

MaineCelt said...

100!!! Congratulations! I imagine the number drawn like this: "1" is Henry, sitting there like a good, wildlife-respecting sadder-but-wiser dog. And the "00" is two fat porcupines, waddling off into the sunset!

Thistledog said...

all it takes is once, for the smart ones at least. I'll never forget my Dad pulling porcupine quills out of our dogs' muzzles with pliers, it was so painful and traumatic! Glad Henry filed that lesson away where he could find it. said...

Erin -- thanks and yes, poor Henry. Thanksfully, he learned from that one encounter. Some dogs don't learn the first... or second time, or so the vet told me.

Dave -- thank you for your comment. I am very similiar in that "Goals" don't always work out for me -- I too focus on the result, not the journey, but I'm working on it. Kids are great for life lessons, aren't they? At least you're creating new memories with the time you're in now -- good for you!

MaineCelt -- thanks! I like your thinking :)

Thistledog -- it is a painful lesson. I felt so sorry for Henry... but as I said to Erin, at least he learned the lesson the first time... or so we hope!

Mama Pea said...

So glad Henry didn't give chase this time. I can just see him tearing across the field toward the lumps with you running, screaming behind him. (Wait, that would be me in that situation.)

Congrats on your 100th post. So, so glad you're posting regularly again.

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