Monday, May 17, 2010

Madcap Monday - Where's Chris?

We have a game on our farm called "Where's Chris?"

This is Chris.

Chris is a barn cat.

We got Chris from a rescue facility that was looking to place him and a few other cats in our barn as they were "unsocialized" and "wild" -- generally unsuitable for life as a domestic house cat.

We've been looking for that unsocialized cat ever since.

What we have found is Chris the super spoiled barn cat who'd much rather be anywhere else but the barn.

Like in the garden...

Or up a tree...

And yes, we had to talk him down from that tree.

Or by the bird feeder...

Or under the hammock...

Especially, when he's got a friend.

While he roams the farm three seasons out of four, he does sleep in the barn during the winter. That's because he doesn't like getting his feet wet.

Of course when he does venture outside, guess who has to piggy-back him back to the barn.

Whoever said barn cats have a hard life certainly didn't know our Chris.


Erin said...

That pic of Chris snoozing under the bird feeders is great! Yes, he looks to be very anti-social in those pics with the kids, LOL!! said...

Yes, he's quite ridiculous really. But he fits in so well with the rest of the ridiculousness on our farm!!

Annie*s Granny said...

Chris is adorable! So are Chris' little humans.

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