Monday, March 19, 2012

Luuk hat is done!

I finally finished Ella's Luuk hat. It was one of those project that was supposed to be quick and easy that morphed into a miserable mess of wonky pink loops and mismatched twists. Each time I got to the decrease, I had to rip it back -- and I did this four times. Seriously? It's not even like this was an intarsia or Fair Isle knit project. It's a simple hat, for pity's sake.

This project sat stewing in my knitting basket for almost a month (OK, maybe the hat wasn't stewing, but I certainly was) until on Saturday night when Ella said to me, "Mama, I hope you finish my hat before I go back to school on Monday." (The kids have been off since March 9th for their school break.)

Then Jack said, "Of course she will, Ella."

Two hours later and the hat was done. Notes to self: 1.) don't knit while half asleep and, 2.) read the pattern.

I'm thrilled with the result. I think my girl is too.

She didn't want any embellishments on the top (the pattern calls for a wee bobble), so I finished it very simply. (You can find the Ravelry pattern here.)

It has a lovely snug fit and covers her ears nicely, which will be great when the cold weather returns.

Granted it's been 20 degrees Celsius the last two days, so the hat didn't stay on her head long.

However she did wear it to school this morning. Of course she did.


Mama Pea said...

Seeing Ella's (finished!) hat I'm tempted to look up the pattern and start on one just like it. HOWEVER, as much as I do honestly love knitting, there is so much quilting I want to do! Sigh. But wait, the hat would be a good project if I needed something to take with me somewhere . . . :o)

A lovely job modeled by a beautiful little girl. She looks a lot like her mom.

Anke said...

It turned out really, really cute!

Chris said...

Fi - that is truly an awesome hat. I mean it.

I have been distracted from my (very, very basic) scarf knitting escapade recently, but I'm gonna get back to it after your hat post.

I need a new hat!

Marina said...

Hat is perfect! I love it very much now! said...

@ Mama Pea -- thanks for the lovely words. I vote for you to keep quilting -- I so love what you've already created, and I'm excited to see more!

@ Anke -- thanks! It is a very cute pattern, but the model helps, I think. :)

@ Chris -- Thank you! That's very sweet. But I have to warn you... knitting hats is addictive! And unlike socks and mitts (which I also love making) there's only one to knit! Another good hat is the WW2 Watch Cap that I made Jack... it's in my blog somewhere.

@ Marina -- thank you! I love it too. :)

karmacoy said...

omg Fi, she looks so much like you ! especially in the profile. Lovely hat by the way!

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