Friday, May 7, 2010

Foto Friday -- What's blooming

It's easy to get bogged down by "to-do" lists. Everywhere I look, there are reminders of chores that need to be done yesterday. But as I've said before, sometimes you've just got to stop and smell the flowers.

So in no particular order, here are some of my favourites blooming in the garden right now.

Wild violets

Tiny white daffodil (variety unknown)

Pink hyacinth

Lilac buds

Money or honesty plant (Lunana annua)

Fancy pink tulip (variety unknown)

Apple blossoms

Blanket of trilliums

White trilliums, close up

Marsh marigolds

Marsh marigolds up close

Bleeding heart buds

Henry and magnolia bud

Okay, there are also LOTS of dandelions, weeds, overgrown grass etc. etc.

Two goofy farm kids

What's blooming in your garden?


Mama Pea said...

You are really far ahead of us in the bloom category. Our marsh marigolds and bleeding hearts look about the same as yours but everything else is way behind. Even our dandelions haven't popped out in full force yet. Probably lack of moisture!

Love the shot of Henry sniffing the magnolia bud. Your two kiddlies are pretty darn cute, too!

Erin said...

Never heard of marsh marigolds, but they are really pretty, and I don't know how you do it, but even your pic of the dandelions is gorgeous! And yay! - another dose of Henry, can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

Fiona, here in Nebraska my tulips, daffodils, crocus, and lilac are finished blooming. The Iris are in full bloom as of this last week and the peonies are really starting to bud up. They should be in full bloom in a couple weeks. I really have to get started with my containers for this year. I still have to decide what will be going into the containers that I set on my patio.

The redbud trees and magnolia trees are finished with their glorous blooming which really marks the Spring time planting season. although the temperature dipped down in the lower 40s last night their was no threat of freezing. I most likely will be planting the tomatoes and peppers next week.

Have a great week.

Old Nebraska Dave

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