Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Made by hand -- cedar arbour

I've got a new arbour at the front of the house, just waiting to be adorned with beautiful clematis and maybe a rose bush or two.

It's not just any arbour. My husband built this by hand, using materials found on our farm.

It sits just to the left of our house, serving as an inviting entranceway to our future orchard.

That's the corner of my home office there, to the right of the rain barrel.

It's a wonder I get any work done with such a view.


Mama Pea said...

How attractive! (Good job, Hubby!) I can just picture old-fashioned climbing roses on either side of it. Not that clematis wouldn't be lovely, too, but I'm partial to those old roses. ;o)

Fiona said...

Thanks, Mama Pea. And I LOVE old roses too!!! Maybe I'll just have to get hubbie to build another one for clematis.... and one for honeysuckle.. and... and... :)

MaineCelt said...

Beautiful! I used to build arbors out of copper pipe, until the cost of copper rose astronomically. it was so much fun to play with the pipe-cutting tool, solder and flux, and that nifty little torch...

We need to come up with some sort of structure for our Arctic kiwi vines to climb on. I got a little over-ambitious and sketched up a Japanese temple gate, but your arbor looks much more sensible in terms of usefulness and trustworthy construction!

Fiona said...

Oh MaineCelt-- arbours out of copper sound so beautiful! Do you have any photos of your creations??
I'm really good at being over-ambitious but this was intentionally meant as an "elegant in its simplicity" kind of project. I wanted something in cedar, to match the split rail fence that we (that's the royal 'we' -- hubbie built that too!) put up last year and it had to be strong enough to support lovely growing things. Though I admit, a Japanese temple gate does sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Fiona, I just finished up a trellis/arbor today. This must be the year for growing vines and climbing plants. I like the way yours looks. Are the posts buried into the ground? Mine sets on the patio I built a couple years ago. I have envisioned planting pole beans and Morning Glory in containers and let them climb the 8 foot high narrow arbor. It has a span of 10 feet across the top. I plan on watering automatically so hopefully it will stay living while I’m gone on trips. I have many other containers for the patio and it will look much different than last year.

It looks like Spring has finally arrived in your neck of the woods. It has been quite pleasant here the last couple days and I have planted the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. It’s starting to look like a real garden.

Have a great day.

Old Nebraska Dave

Fiona said...

Hey Nebraska Dave,
Yes, the posts are buried about a foot in the ground. Any deeper and we'd be hitting rock (I of course found a rocky place to set this -- good old Canadian Shield territory!)
Yours sounds lovely too. I like the mornign glory/pole bean combination -- we're growing those on a teepee in our garden. I hope you've got lots of photos of your garden in the making -- sounds lovely!
I'm hoping to get my veggies in this weekend, weather permitting. Fingers crossed!!!

Erin said...

That looks fantastic, I bet he will get a kick out of seeing his handwork covered in beautiful flowers, good job hubby! Yes, don't forget kiwi, and HOPS! Oh, you could keep him busy with these, LOL!

Fiona said...

Hops -- I'd never thought of that! Hmmm... hubby is going to be building LOTS of these things ;)

Kelly said...

I am very impressed, it's beautiful!

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