Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Natural remedies: Oil of Oregano

I've been feeling a bit worn down lately. Today my head feels heavy and I'm starting to get achy and shivery. My throat is sore and I'm so very tired. This usually happens when I've been doing too much, worrying too much, stressing too much. It feels like a cold is coming on.

Time to get out the Oil of Oregano.

A friend of mine introduced me to this natural remedy that helps strengthen the immune system and acts as a potent antiviral and antifungal agent to help fight off infection.

Oil of Oregano, extracted from Origanum Vulgare, is different from the oregano that you use for cooking. It contains two key compounds, carvacrol and thymol, and can be used for skin infections, upset stomachs, sinus congestion and colds and sore throats.

Oil of Oregano can be purchased from health food stores or online. I've read that you should buy brands with at least 70% carvacrol but the only one I could find locally contains 45%. Still, it's easy to take -- simply mix three drops in orange juice once a day for up to five days until the symptoms are gone.

The most noticeable side effect is a mild burning in the mouth and throat. There's also a risk of craving Italian food. But in my experience, it works -- at least on sore throats and general yuckiness.

Disclaimer - The information is intended for educational purposes only. It is not my intention to advise on health care. This is simply my own experience. Consult your doctor about your health conditions and use of herbal remedies and read all labels carefully prior to consumption.


Erin said...

Sorry you feel under the weather, I hate that especially in the summertime! I had never heard of the oil of Oregano, good to know, I will check it out! said...

Thanks, Erin. It was a good find for me too. Since posting this, my sore throat is gone. Don't think it would work on the kids though -- it is a really strong taste. Still, it's worthwhile having, epsecially when it's not supposed to be cold/flu season!

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh when you said you didn't think it would work on your kids because of the strong taste. When my kids were small they were victims--I mean, beneficiaries of all my natural remedy experiments. I used to make them take propolis, and fuss at them if they resisted! I'll have to get some Oil of Oregano and keep it next to my Colloidal Silver. said...

Now you made me laugh, Laura! I guess it's not the taste per se that's the problem with kids but the burning sensation. Knowing my two, they'd probably fuss a bit -- but then again, they are used to my other natural remendy experiments!!

Mr. H. said...

I have long been a big believer in the health giving properties of certain herbs including garlic. Have you considered making a tincture, tea, or even eating raw thyme as it contains good amounts of both both carvacrol and thymol? My wife and I use a mixture of raw garlic, French sorrel, and thyme whenever we feel anything coming on and so far it has worked like a charm.

The Origanum Vulgare type of oregano sounds very interesting, I will have to look it up and see if it is something we can grow in our garden.

Wow, just talking about these herbs and I have a craving for an Italian entree, but Mexican will have to suffice as it is quesadilla night.:)

Mungo said...

I took your medical advice, and drank a pint and a half of the oil. Now I'm not feeling so well. Everything is moving around slowly. I see little green men flying closely to my eyes.

Any chance you might know of an antidote? Also, I've just reread your post and realize that I may have misread your original instructions.

Hey wait. Now I can see into forever, and my legs are like three hundred feet long.

Make it stop. said...

Mr H -- I haven't tried this thyme tincture yet, but it sounds intriguing! Thanks for the suggestion. I too have an interest in herbal remedies and I'm starting to grow more and more of the "ingredients". I'm starting small this year but eventually I'd like to have a substantial healing garden. I'm also building my library of books, which I'll probably blog about. I remember my dad feeding me garlic and honey as a child -- I hated it... and now I do the same for my kids!

Mungo -- your comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the giggle. As for an antidote -- go eat some mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce :)

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