Friday, June 4, 2010

Retail therapy for gardeners

Some women buy shoes or purses or take themselves to the spa when they're feeling a bit down.

Me? I buy vegetables.

This is Black Beauty eggplant.

Isn't she lovely?


Erin said...

I have a weakness for buying plants too! Doesn't matter if I need it - I feel sorry for it and want to give it a nice home, like a Plant SPCA.... SPCP?

MaineCelt said...

My mother was a great co-conspirator in this pursuit, back when I lived at home for a couple years after college. Some days I would come home from work and she would say, "By the way, I heard a rumour that the plant fairy came today." That was my cue to go out to my garden and see what she'd brought home from one of our favourite nurseries that day!

Now that I'm a farmers' market vendor, I've found another fun way to "feed my habit." I've been bartering with vendors who sell seedlings. Today I traded a pound of our farm's bacon for five heirloom tomato plants!

Fiona said...

Erin -- I figure there are far worse things to have a weakness for!

MaineCelt -- thanks for sharing such a lovely memory! And nice trade at the market :)

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