Monday, February 6, 2012

Madcap Monday -- Roll call

Animals have always played a central role in our homesteading adventure. We moved to the farm in July and by our first Christmas we were home to a motley crew of creatures including chickens, goats, donkeys, barn cats and a horse. Since then we've added more chickens, ducks, more cats and, most recently, the bees.

While I'm thinking about raising a couple of heritage breed pigs this year and one day I'd love to tend a small flock of wool sheep, for now we share our lives with:

• one horse
• two donkeys
• two colonies of bees (a bear destroyed the third one)
• three indoor cats
• four barn cats
• four goats
• five ducks
• 15 chickens
• And two dogs

Wait a minute... TWO dogs? Yes, Henry finally has a long-awaited companion -- a friend with whom he can chase wild turkeys, bark at the donkeys, roll in dead things and snooze by the fire.

This is Annie.

When we adopted her in October, the pound said she's a black lab/collie cross, approximately six months old, but we think she has a bit of greyhound in her too. The squirrels think so too.

She's ridiculous...

... and a handful...

... and Henry adores her. Even when she hogs his bed and snores like a foghorn.

She farts, too.


karmacoy said...

Lol! Love that last photo!!
Please come over and see the Valentines we are making.

Erin said...

I'm so happy to see Henry is doing well! I bet he's enjoying his new companion!

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