Monday, November 11, 2013


Blomidon, Nova Scotia. August 2011.

Believe. Believe in love, in second chances. Believe in forgiveness and fresh starts. Believe in tears and belly laughs, in words that move and words that stop you in your tracks. Believe in the breath and in the release. Believe in humility and open hearts. Believe in life and in living, in holding hands and letting go. Believe in digging deep and standing tall, in flying high and lying low. Believe in hope and dreams, connection and creation; in fear and transformation, in darkness and in finding light. Believe in you. Believe in me.


Mama Pea said...

Beautifully written. Keep believing, dear Fiona. You are such a good person and deserve so much. It will come, I just know it.

David Hayes said...

What a lovely little blog post filled with big thoughts. All true. You, me, we all qualify.

Tim D said...

Beautiful thoughts Fi.


Linda S. said...

I you :)
Keep smiling :)

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