Monday, May 2, 2011

Nature's balance

I went for a walk on Saturday morning,
to survey the damage from the windstorm.

While we lost a number of trees,
I know we were very, very lucky.

Our home and our outbuildings were unscathed
and the wood can be used to keep our family warm.

But as I walked, I still felt melancholy.
The wounds seemed so raw.

But about three-quarters of the way through my walk,
I realized I'd spent so much time looking for broken and dead trees,
that I'd missed appreciating any life in the forest.

So I looked down and there it was: a promise of a trillium bloom.

Untouched and perfect.

Everywhere I looked I saw them.

And to think that it would have been so easy to miss this.

A simple reminder from Mother Nature
on the beauty of balance:

: there is death, there is birth

: there is old, there is new

: there is weak, there is strong

: there is darkness, there is light

: there is loss, there is abundance

: there is violence, there is peace

Happy belated May Day, everyone!


Erin said...

Mother Nature's gift - wood to keep you warm and good exercise chopping it all summer LOL!

936000 said...

A lovely post! A Happy May Day to you too!

Mama Pea said...

Wow, so glad you didn't have anything fall on house or outbuildings! Always sad to see trees so damaged or destroyed. But how great to be in a position where you can use the wood to keep you warm. Loverly, loverly post!

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