Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Better than Christmas

My seed order finally arrived*! And with eight weeks left to our last frost day, it couldn't have come at a better time. Phew!

While I have a number of seeds saved from last year, I'm growing some new veggies this year -- good eats such as broccoli, brussell sprouts, leeks and parsnips, plus some more winter squashes.

I decided to change up some of the varieties, too -- Bull Nose peppers instead of, or perhaps in addition to, Jimmy Nardello's; Black Beauty zukes instead of Ronde de Nice; and Danvers 126 carrots instead of (or maybe as well as) Chantenay Red Cored. I'm also broadening last year's varieties and adding Mesclun mix to my leaf lettuce, and growing National Pickling cukes along with Longfellow.

Now I just have to convince the cats to give up their bird watching perch/scratching post, a.k.a. my plant stand.

I don't think this one is going without a fight. Look at her -- she's pulling the 'aren't I cute?' trick!

* I should point out that The Cottage Gardener, a wonderful heirloom seed company that I've written about before, shipped the order out ages ago. It was the post office that held things up.


Lori-Grace said...

I'm always so happy when my new Cottage Gardener seeds arrive, too!

fiona@fionacampbell.ca said...

I just read your posts about the CG seeds -- it's nice to hear from another 'fan'! The seeds are lovely, aren't they?? I'm curious about their little finger eggplant... I'm trying a Pingtung long that I picked up at a local Seedy Saturday. I loved their little finger carrots -- so cute and yummy, too!

Mama Pea said...

Didja ever stop to think how "weird" we must seem to "normal" people because of what we receive in the mail that really excites us? Seeds! Like candy for us gardeners! You should have seen me when my hand crank roller/flaker came . . . until I discovered it was the wrong one. :o( (Your kitties are indeed cute!)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Seed orders are so much fun! We have been trying to save seeds so that soon I won't have to order, but then there are always new things I want to try!

fiona@fionacampbell.ca said...

Mama Pea -- I *know* how weird I seem to most normal people! While my city friends are reading fashion magazines, I'm reading Organic Farm & Garden & Mother Earth News!! Seeds *are* like candy for gardeners! And I keep picking up more packages. First it was yarn, now seeds -- I need an intervention!

Tracey -- seed orders *are* fun! I'm all about saying seeds, too, but I also like trying new varieties!

Lori-Grace said...

Baha!! It's TRUE! I get excited about the weirdest stuff. (the 20 year old "me" would just roll her eyes at the 36 year old "me.")

How much I saved on groceries! Woo Hoo! Creative uses for leftovers that the family will gladly eat! ALRIGHT! Hanging laundry on the line! Cool! Har har.

Oh, you want Mother Earth News for free download? A girlfriend turned me on to this site.


search for Mother Earth News. there are a LOT of other mags there, browser beware! ;)

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