Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along

Last week I wrote about Ginny over at Small Things, who has a fun way to share two of my favourite indoor winter activities -- reading and knitting. The idea is to take a single photo of what you're reading and/or knitting right now and share it on your blog. At the bottom of her weekly Yarn Along post, there's one of those Mister Linky's Magical Widgets where you can share your blog post.

Here's what I'm up to this week:

We're adding bees to our farm this year (more on that soon) so I've been reading up on beekeeping. This is an older book -- first published in 1977 -- but it's got loads of practical information. Hence the title... duh.

While I'm still working on Jack's second sock, I wanted to cast on this month's Year in Colour project. There's another pattern in Judith Durant's One-Skein Wonders book that I've been wanting to try -- a quick-knit baby sweater that uses chunky wool and 6.5 mm needles.

Everyone relax -- it's for a mama-to-be, not me! More on this project soon, too.

I must dash. The farrier is coming today to trim the equines' feet and I've got to catch them before he gets here. It's astonishing how fast those lugs can move (in the wrong direction, of course) when they see his truck pull up to the barnyard!


Calling Ravens said...

mmmmm honey. I envy you!
It's funny, I live in New Mexico, where everything is brown, and yet I still like it indoors too. Meaning..I love the color of that chunky yarn! And it looks so soft.
Hope things went smoothly with the farrier and hope you got pictures!

Fiona said...

meggs -- I'm really exciting about the bees this year. I don't think we'll get much honey as we ordering them late in the season, but that's ok! Good things are worth waiting for!
I love browns and natural colours, too; this one is in fact a harvest yellow, though it does like brownish in the photo. The year in colour challenge is about knitting an item in a different colour, following a set scheme, for the year. January was red, February orange, March is yellow, etc. But you're right -- it is SO SOFT!!
And unfortunately, no photos of the farrier. 2/3 lugs were rather brutish and stubborn today, so my hands were tied with halters and lead lines!

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