Monday, March 14, 2011

Eating my words

Remember when I wrote that blog post last week about how knitting provides me with some important life lessons -- that starting and sticking to one project at a time fosters patience, focus and finishing what you start?

Yeah, I'm over that.

I mean really, life is just way too short to "should" myself over something like knitting, for goodness sake. And there is far too much beautiful fibre in the world -- two words: baby alpaca -- for me to stay stuck to one project!

So while I did finish the first of Jack's socks this past weekend and cast on the second, I also started and finished this oh-so-sweet quick-knit doll sweater that I found at Small Things using this free Little Kina pattern.

I used only one skein of super soft bamboo (in pink, of course) and finished it with a tiny sparkly vintage button.

When I woke Ella this morning and showed her the completed sweater, she gasped and said, "Mama, you finished it? It's beautiful... Thank you!"

With spring just around the corner, the farm is finally showing signs of waking from its long, long, l-o-n-g winter sleep. Very soon I'll be starting seeds, clearing the barn and tackling my lengthy 'to do' list. With all this upcoming busyness, I'm thinking I might have to pack away the needles for the season. Or will I?

When I put away my 'shoulds' (which are rather arbitrary to begin with, come to think of it) and simply created the time and acceptance to do something that was Good, i.e. making something my little girl would adore, well... it's a peaceful easy feeling, that.

This isn't to say that I -- or anyone -- should shuck responsibility for the things that need to be done. But I do think my overdeveloped sense of uber-responsibility could use a bit of an adjustment, that's all. As author Marie Beynon Ray wrote*:

"Begin doing what you want to do now.
We are not living in eternity.
We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand,
and melting like a snowflake.
Let us use it before it is too late."

That's the kind of life lesson I'd like more of. Now where did I put that skein of baby alpaca...

* Thanks to blogger Mama Pea for first sharing this quote.


Mama Pea said...

WAAAH! I want a little girl again to make doll clothes for! That sweater is ADORABLE. No wonder Ella is thrilled with it.

Keep on knitting and doing those things that bring you real peace and enjoyment. I say, to he!! with responsibilities; bring on the joy!!

Calling Ravens said...

LOL!!! Excellent post and excellent quote. I feel exactly the same and you've reminded of my recently unused mantra: "Everything in balance."

That sweater is just beautiful and looks sooooo soft!

Fiona said...

Thanks, Mama Pea. It is mighty cute. And thanks for the encouragement -- let's all bring on more joy!

Thanks for the kind words, Calling Ravens! Your mantra is a good one -- I'm all about finding that elusive balance. I'm learning that when I stop trying to figure out what balance looks like and simply trust my instincts -- and my heart -- a bit more, I usually come closer to finding it!

Erin said...

I thought it was funny when you said you can't imagine starting a new project without finishing the last! I used to think the same way, couldn't imagine that others were so ADD that they couldn't finish what they started before moving on....ahem! (I have 4 projects in the basket now LOL)

Fiona said...

Erin -- I still like the idea of sticking to a project and finishing it... I can be quite flakey about follow through. But is the moral high ground really worth it in this case? I take everything too seriously, so I decided to at least give myself a break with knitting, lol!

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